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Title Her first album was out at the end of 1983 and it is renowned the the singer Nawal does not place a certain name on her albums and simply goes by the expression Nawal 98 or Nawal 99 and so forth. Some of her most prominent songs which she presented during her artistic journey and which the public knew her are the songs: Youh Ya Youh, Four Years, Ana Min Shouktak, My Knight in Shining Armor, I Suffer, You Know, Lawla AL Mahabba, Arafat Kadri, Marra Aateek and a duet with the artist Abdullah R

DAKL ALHOB Nawal El Kuwaiti

Title Nawal is deemed as the pioneer singer in the Gulf region, whereby when she appeared in the artistic arena, there werent that many singers from the gulf at the time, for Nawals beginning was in synchrony with that of the singers: Rabab and Itab only (because the singing arena at that time was confined to them due to the limited number of female singers in the Arab GulfHowever, she retired from art for a period of time for private reasons which she does not declare, but she powerfully returned to
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