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Kheda'ah by Nawal Al Kuwaitiya

Title Some of her most prominent songs which she presented during her artistic journey and which the public knew her are the songs: Youh Ya Youh, Four Years, Ana Min Shouktak, My Knight in Shining Armor, I Suffer, You Know, Lawla AL Mahabba, Arafat Kadri, Marra Aateek and a duet with the artist Abdullah Rashad which met with a colossal success of the song Kan Widdi Niltiki.

Nawal Hala Feb 2004 - Tebarra

Title A beautiful khaleeji song by Nawal Al Kuwaitiya. It is beautiful and everyone, even not middle easterns should listen to this song. it is beautiful and simple. This is a perfect song and Nawal is amazing. She really knows how to make music. Best Middle Eastern singer ever. She loved art at an early age of her childhood; she was drawn by every beautiful voice and every beautiful song, of the singers dearest to her heart and the lyrics of those songs she chants is Oum Koulthoum, the Easts Planet,
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